Medieval Manuscripts of Dublin City

Chain Book

The Chain Book

The Chain Book of Dublin is a bound parchment manuscript consisting of 69 sheepskin leaves. It is believed that it acquired its name because it was originally chained to a lectern in the Dublin Tholsel for reference by the citizens.

White book

The White Book

The White Book of Dublin, so called because it is composed of vellum membranes, contains transcripts of documents relating to municipal affairs, which were copied into it at various periods from the 13th to the 17thcenturies.

St. George

The Guild of St. George

The guild of St George Martyr was the religious fraternity of the Dublin City Assembly. It was founded under letters patent issued by Henry VI in 1426 and was based in St. George's Chapel, in the eponymous George's Street.



This series contains a range of deeds and other documents from the early 14th century to the late 18th century.

All Hallows

All Hallows

Twenty-four medieval documents from the monastery of All Hallows.

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