Libraries and Archive - Dublin Graveyards Directory


This on-line Dublin Graveyards Directory is a Dublin City Council project, under the overall direction of Dublin City Librarian, Margaret Hayes, with inputs from Dublin City Archivist, Dr. Mary Clark, and Divisional Librarians Dr. Máire Kennedy and Alastair Smeaton. It is based on Directory of Graveyards in the Dublin Area, edited by Marjorie Sliney and the late Deirdre Conlon, which was first published by Dublin City Libraries in 1988, and re-issued in 1990.

This on-line Dublin Graveyards Directory has been researched and edited by John Grenham for publication by Dublin City Library & Archive in 2010.

The Directory covers all dublinhe_graveyards in the Dublin area (i.e. Dublin City; Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown; Fingal; and South Dublin) and gives information on:

  1. The location of dublinhe_graveyards
  2. Contact details for those in charge of dublinhe_graveyards
  3. Titles of published gravestone transcripts (available in most research libraries)
  4. Links to on-line gravestone transcripts
  5. Location of surviving burial records
  6. Other information of interest about the graveyard.

N.B. Gravestone transcripts and copies of burial records are not in this Directory, but if you follow the links given, you can discover where this information is held.

Dublin City Public Libraries acknowledges with thanks information provided by:
Ray Bateson, Irish Graves Publications; Hugh Comerford and Ellen Murphy, Dublin City Library & Archive; John Crothers and Colm McQuinn, Fingal County Council; Charles Duggan, Dublin City Council Heritage Officer; Anne Kinsella, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council; Dr. Raymond Refaussé, R.C.B. Library; Kieran Swords, South Dublin County Library Service.

Dublin City Public Libraries has made every effort to ensure that the Directory of Graveyards is accurate and up-to-date. If you have a query, or can provide additional information, please contact us.