Libraries and Archive - Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance Log book, Easter 1916

The Brigade

James Barry and son

Michael Kavanagh

Captain Purcell

Lieutenant John Myers

Tara St Fire Engine 1909

Thomas St Fire Engine 1913

Fire ambulance

Tara St firemen 1921

Tara St firemen 1927

Tara St Fire Station


Barricade at Merrion Square and son

British soldiers at Merrion Square

Captain Purcell's map of the Rising (1)

Captain Purcell's map of the Rising (2)

A civilian at a barricade1909


Barricade on Pearse St
(formerly Gt Brunswick St)

Knowles and sons, Grafton St

Moore St Barricade

Sackville St

Townsend St barricade

Ruins of Eden Quay

A military map of the rebellion

Constable Lahiff's headstone

Constable Lahiff's inscription