Libraries and Archive - Dublin Fire Brigade Log-Book, Easter 1916


The official opening of the new fire brigade headquarters on 13 September [1907] was an historic day for the brigade.’

One newspaper account ran:

The opening of the new station yesterday marked the end of the Chatham Row premises as the headquarters of the Brigade. The old headquarters will not be used for fire extinguishing purposes any longer and, indeed, their awkward situation in the matter of speedy egress always made them a most unsuitable spot for the work of the Brigade, while their limited space prevented adequate accommodation being provided, especially for married men. However, in the new Central Station the Brigade will possess housing accommodation of the most ample, comfortable and up-to-date character.

Tara St Fire Station

The opening ceremony took place at four o’clock and the guests, including the Lord Mayor, were received in the station by Mr. J. M. C. Briscoe on behalf of the Waterworks and Fire Brigade Committee of which he is the chairman. Captain Purcell, the efficient Chief of the Brigade, and Mr. C.J. McCarthy, City Architect, who were jointly responsible for the arrangement of the building, were also present.(1)

Mr Briscoe’s speech of welcome was reported extensively in terms similar to the following account. Having visited the fire stations in the chief towns in England and in many continental centres, he was glad to be able to say that only nine of them surpassed the Dublin station. In fact, in many respects, but especially in that of electrical and time-saving equipment, they in Dublin were far ahead of other places…

  1. Tom Geraghty & Trevor Whitehead, The Dublin Fire Brigade, (Dublin City Council 2004), p. 122-123