John V. O’Connor Papers 1692-2015

Photograph of family of William O'Connor
Family of William O'Connor

The O'Connor family

Includes material relating to the O’Connor family. Included are eleven series which cover births and baptism, marriage, census returns, death, graves and burial, photographs, primary material and research. As the names are repeated over generations, family nicknames have been used to differentiate members, with their official name in brackets. The surname O’Connor and Connor have been used interchangeably throughout the centuries.

Photograph of Kathleen O'Neill and children
Kathleen O'Neill and children

The O'Neill family

Included is material which relates to the various aspects of life in the O’Neill family: birth, marriage, census returns, death, religion and burial. Included also is material relating to research on the O’Neill family, conducted by Sean O’Connor. Included also is material relating to the lives of Joseph O’Neill and his brother James O’Neill.

Photograph top of the exterior of St. Nicholas of Myra church
Exterior of St. Nicholas of Myra church

O’Connors and O’Neills

Included is material which relates to both the O’Connor and O’Neill family. Included are photographs of local of interest. Photographs were taken by Peter Walsh, architect. Included also is a copy of the O’Connor Family tree. Included also are two editions of the memoir ‘Growing Up So High’ by Sean O’ Connor (not online).

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